Kessel Run Hey There Delilah

Call Name: Delilah
DOB: February 7, 2019
Generation: F2 - 63.27/36.72%
No. of Kiddings: 0
G6S Status: 
Disease Testing Status: 

  • Sire: Screaming Goat Farm Eli (F1)
    • Sire’s Sire: Saada Elias Revelation *B (PB Nubian)
    • Sire’s Dam: Soaring Hearts Tate (F5)
  • Dam: Dragon's Hollow Petunia Blossom
    • Dam’s Sire: Shady Lane Farm QB Bambi
    • Dam’s Dam: Dragon's Hollow Maeve

Delilah is one of our first retained homebred doelings. She has great Saada genetics behind her and is already showing a wonderful topline and escutcheon. We’re hoping she improved her dam’s small teats and udder capacity.