Dragon's Hollow Fields of Poppy

Call Name: Poppy
DOB: May 9, 2017
Generation: F1 - 50/50%
No. of Kiddings: 1
G6S Status: NORMAL
Disease Testing Status: CAE, CL, Johnes - NEGATIVE in 2018

  • Sire: Shady Lane Farm QB Bambi
    • Sire’s Sire: Lil' Hill Farm MB Queso Blanco
    • Sire’s Dam: Shady Lane Farm Miss Priss
  • Dam: Lonsome-Doe BA Galena 1*M
    • Dam’s Sire: Lonsome-Doe Birdman of Alktrz
    • Dam’s Dam: Lon-Duff-Acres Mica

Poppy is a sweetheart. She was a great FF mom and milker. She surprised us with her FF udder and capacity. Nice high attachments, short escutcheon, nice medial ligament, and good size teat/orifice. We love her dairy character, the nice angling in her backside, and the smoothness and feminine look of her neck and withers area. She has a nice convex shape to her nose which brings in good Nubian traits. We look to improve on her fore udder smoothing, teat placement (they turn to the sides when full), and a little better topline and bring the ears down longer and more bell-shaped. 

Poppy's Breeding History

YearBreeding SireResultsKidding DateFreshening
2018Cornerstone Farm's Moonlight (F5 Mini Nubian)TBD - Currently Bred
2017Buffalo Clover P Cherokee (Nigerian)Single Polled Doeling6/15/20181

Show Results

2018 MDGA Fall V-Show
Ring 1Placed 7th (out of 9) Entry A (Poppy) is placing over H for her strength of fore udder attachment and
the appearance of tracking more straight in the front feet.
Ring 2 – Placed 7th (out of 9) A (Poppy) places over I for her advantage in general appearance- being more level across her back and rump and being more uphill in stature. She also has a slightly more smoothly blended foreudder.
2018 MDGA Summer V-Show

Ring 1Placed 8th out of 10. Judges remarks: Entry I (Poppy) is over G in Mammary system in height and width of arch-shaped escutcheon and showing more of a fore udder.
Ring 2Placed 5th out of 10. Judges Remarks: Entry I (Poppy) over C in the area of general appearance with greater strength of pasterns, and a more incurving thigh. Also in dairy character with more clearly seen dairy wedges throughout, and being slightly sharper about the withers.