Our breeding goals

We love our Mini Nubians so much that it is important that we strive for the best animals we can breed. We aim first, to breed with a focus on milk production, structurally correct udders, and teat/orifice size. We want our animals to be exceptional milkers, giving their new owners (and ourselves), ease of milking, big production, long and level lactation, as well as delicious tasting milk.

Our second focus is on breed conformation. We take a couple aspects at a time to focus on and perfect before adding in other traits.  While we know moon spots and blue eyes are all the rage lately, our focus is on the udder and the body conformation first, the moon spots, blue eyes, and being polled will just be the icing on the cake later.

Below you will find our breeding plans for the next year.  If you are interested in a kid, send us a note! We will put kids up for sale after weaning which is between 10-12 weeks from kidding. Due to just beginning our breeding program, we prefer to thoroughly assess our kids before making a decision on who to keep/sell, we don’t want anyone to put a deposit in hopes of a specific animal only for us not to be able to provide that animal due to the doe not providing, or that we choose to keep more than we expected. Any kids for sale will be put up after 12 weeks.

Should you choose a kid, a $50 deposit is required to hold the animal. 

**We reserve the right to retain any animal we feel is necessary to our breeding program. Breedings are subject to change. 

Kessel Run 2019/2020 Breeding Plan

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DamSireDue/Kid Date - AvailabilityNotes
Whirlaway Farms Calypso Moon
(PB Nubian)
Mistwood LL Jacobs Java
(PB Nigerian Dwarf)
Expected to breed Summer 2019F1 Mini-Nubian
Dragon's Hollow Silver Belle
(PB Nubian)
Queenacres Keanu Kulani
(PB Nubian)
DUE - Nov 7, 2019
Confirmed Bred via Blood
100% Purebred Nubian
Daystar's Calla Lilly
Screaming Goat Farm Eli (F1)DUE - Nov 8, 2019
Confirmed Bred via Blood
F2 Mini-Nubian
Fruitful-Acres Promise's Mercy
(PB Nubian)
Queenacres Keanu Kulani
(PB Nubian)
DUE - Dec 11, 2019100% Purebred Nubian
Copper Claim Wild Indigo
(PB Nubian)
Isidore Meadows Leviticus(PB Nubian)
Mistwood LJJ Jacobs Java
Expected to breed October 2019100% Purebred Nubian
F1 50/50 Mini-Nubian
Dragon's Hollow Peaches N Cream
Queenacres Keanu Kulani
(PB Nubian)
Expected to breed October 2019F1 Mini-Nubian
Kessel Run Hey There Delilah
Blackberry's PP Rain Man
Expected to breed October 2019F3 Mini-Nubian
Texas Tykes Cleopatra
UndeterminedExpected to breed early 2020F2 Mini-Nubian