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Hey Y’all, we’re just a family raising a herd of miniature and standard Nubian goats in deep east Texas! We’re passionate about our little herd and about creating a structurally correct goat with high milk production, strongly attached udders, high butterfat content, and beautiful breed character. We are working with 6-M-Galaxy, Goldthwaite, and Saada lines to help achieve our goals. It takes time so keep up with us and see our progression!  

May 2019

This year has been a busy season! We are done with kidding for the year and already looking forward to next year’s crop. We recently welcomed Daystar’s Calla Lilly and Fruitful-Acres Promise’s Mercy to our herd. We’re switching out a few in the herd to refine our goals. Bear with us as we make changes to hopefully bring some great animals to the Nubian and mini-Nubian world!

February 2019

idding season is off to a great start!
Petunia – 1 doeling, sired by Elias. Welcome Kessel Run Hey There Delilah! . Indigo 2 bucklings sire by Kulani! Welcome Kessel Run Krypton’s Son. Peach delivered 2 bucklings, sired by Kulani. We welcomed Dragon’s Hollow Silver Belle to our herd this month! She’s going to add some great width to our girls!

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Thanks for checking out our site and getting to know our herd! We are striving hard to make leaps and bounds improving the breed. While our focus is on minis, we also raise standard Nubians because we just plain love them and can’t see life without them. We hope you can see the faith and perseverance we have for our goals in making mini-Nubians a great breed!  

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DHIR Testing

Do you need a DHIR tester to milk test your herd? Drop us an email, we’re registered as a tester through Langston University! 

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